Linden Leaves


Linden Leaves was founded by Brigit Blair in 1995 in Christchurch, New Zealand to help care for two of her children who suffered severe eczema and allergies.  At the time, natural and effective products that were kind to sensitive skin were hard to find, and so out of necessity, Linden Leaves was born.


Brigit began harvesting and freeze-drying roses, and blending fruit and flower oils with the unique scent of essential oil blends. It became a real labour of love for Brigit, who set out to create beautiful, effective and quality handmade natural products that were kind to the skin.


From a humble family kitchen operation, Linden Leaves has expanded into an internationally recognised brand known for its natural everyday luxury handmade products.


Devoted to effective, natural products created from the best quality ingredients, Brigit’s vision for Linden Leaves has always been focused on beautiful, effective and gentle products to nourish the skin and soothe the soul.


We select only the best quality ingredients and avoid chemical nasties.


•   Linden Leaves products are made using quality organic and natural ingredients, fruit and flower oils and unique scent and 
     essential oil blends.


•   Our natural botanical ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably wherever possible, in order to attain the highest possible
     quality of product.


•   We avoid the use of chemical nasties and irritants such as parabens, silicon oils, sodium lauryl and genetically modified


•   Each of the active ingredients in our ranges have been carefully studied and selected for their scientifically proven skin
     enhancing properties.


With pure natural ingredients and exacting attention to detail, Linden Leaves combines nature and science to create beautiful, effective products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul.

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